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Meeting Time/Location: The CWMS-PTO Meets the third Wednesday of the month (September through May) at 6:30 PM in the Middle School Library. Enter the Middle School at the main entrance by the flag pole.

President: Mrs. Inza Adams

First Vice-President: TBD

Secretary: Michelle Houck

Treasurer: Carolyn Murphy

  • 5th Grade Welcome Booklet-2016
  • Welcome 2015 letterhead
  • Giant letter with letterhead 2015
  • Cartidge World letter 2015
  • About Us:
  • We would like to thank Mrs. Kelly Noecker for her four years of dedicated service to the CWMS-PTO.
    • Message From Mrs. Noecker:
      • Thank you is not enough for all the help and support I have had during my time in middle school PTO…
        I hope that I have served the middle school well. If anyone has any questions in the upcoming year, please do not hesitate to ask. I let you in the great hands of Inza Adams as incoming president, Michelle Houck as Secretary and Carolyn Murphy as Treasurer.
      Thanks a billion, Kelley
  • We are an organization of parents, teachers and interested community members who want to be involved in our school community. Our purpose is to involve members in the activities of our school and to promote the educational welfare of our children.

    We hold one major fundraiser a year. The fundraiser company for 2016-2017 is Gifts 'N Things. They are a local company based in Fleetwood and they offer a variety of products from everyday necessities for you to use, to goodies to have around for the holidays. We collect General Mills box tops and Redner's Receipts, along with Giant's A plus Program. We also participate in Boyer's Care and Share program. Ask a PTO representative for a key tab. With monies we receive from fundraisers and boxtops, we have made many purchases for the school including iPads and carts to be used by teachers and students, art supplies, music equipment, a shop saw, a video camera microscope for the science department, cameras and printers, a new sound system for dances in the cafeteria, busing for an 8th grade trip to D.C., and a large contribution to the purchase of a weather station on the Middle School roof in which data can be used to enhance your child's education in a variety of ways, just to name a few!
  • "Fun" Fundraisers: The PTO sponsors fun activities for the middle school children, including a spring pool party. We would love to hold more "fun" events if we can get more parent-volunteers.
  • We have also contributed funds to the Renaissance Committee and President's Challenge Fitness awards. We sponsor teacher/staff events, as well.
  • We sponsor the annual ArtsFest which displays student art projects and writings.

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