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The Board of School Directors, administrators, teachers and staff of the Conrad Weiser Area School District are dedicated to the success of each student. Our district continues to strive to provide a high quality, student-centered education. We invite you to partner with us and encourage you to become an active participant in the learning process.

As parents, you play a key role in your child’s education. Just as we have set high expectations for all of our students’ success, we would ask that you also set high expectations for your child’s success as well. It is important to remember that parental expectations of success become a driving force to motivate a child. A student who is expected to do well usually does excel. Please do not accept mediocre study habits and grades. Continue to get involved and provide support for your child and your child’s school by making sure homework gets finished. We would also encourage you to cultivate reading at home and limit television and video games to reasonable amounts. Please take time to talk to your child about the importance of an education in a global market and society.

We also ask you, as parents, to have high expectations for our schools. We covet your involvement, support and constructive ideas in helping us to progress as a school district. We want you to get involved with your child’s schoolwork and let us know immediately about any possible problems. Please get to know your child’s teachers and form a partnership. Make sure you talk to your child about this partnership. Let your child know that you are actively involved and you are ready to help him or her in achieving the highest possible goals.

Our educational community looks forward to working with you, our partner, in our on-going effort to achieve educational excellence. Please do not hesitate to talk with me, or another administrator, teacher, or staff member, about how we can improve the Conrad Weiser Area School District.


Randall A. Grove, D. Ed.


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