Red Cross

A representative from the Red Cross, Mr. Jeffrey Brown, was here today to collect our donation to the Red Cross for Ukrainian Relief. Three students from Mrs. Ressler's class (with a little bit of guidance) raised over $2300 for Ukrainian relief through our coin drive. This is just a reminder that with a great idea and a little bit of help we can make wonderful things happen for our community and the world!

Well done to Kieran Schweigert, Aiden Notobartolo, Brixton Esterly, Mrs. Ressler, Mrs. Schoemaker, and Mrs. Schweigert. You had a great idea and followed it all the way through to the end to ensure it was done! It wouldn't have been possible without all of you!

Thank you to all of you in our community who participated. Your generosity allowed us to make a wonderful contribution to the Red Cross.