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Guidance Counseling Department at East!

My name is Heather Kreider.

Feel free to contact me at 610-678-9901 or at

Have a terrific day!

  • Classroom Guidance Curriculum
    • Kindergarten:
      Jellybeans Visiting Kindergarten This year six colorful jellybeans will visit Kindergarten throughout the school year. First Angry Arlene, the Grumpy Red Jellybean, will come to teach children about the anger they may feel from time to time. We will all learn that all feelings are okay and that anger needs to be released in a safe way. Next Emotional Eugene, the Feeling Blue Jellybean, will visit and teach the children about a variety of feelings and inform them that we must always let our feelings out no matter what they are. Decision Making Dean, the orange jellybean, will help children learn strategies on how to make a wise decisions. Friendly Francine, the pink jellybean, teaches us all how a good friend acts. And Odean, the Mean, Green Jellybean, learns how not to be a bully in Jellybean School.

    • Grade 1:
      Miss Grasshopper and Bug School Boys and Girls in Grade 1 will meet Miss Grasshpper, a green grasshopper puppet this school year. She is a teacher at Bug School and teaches her bug children how to be good friends. Students will meet three other puppets, Brenda Bee, Anthony Ant, and Big Beetle who are all members of her class. Unfortunately Big beetle still needs practice on how to be a good friend. Through the use of these puppets first graders will learn how good friends treat each other with words, good deeds, and actions. The children will also learn and practice strategies of how to handle themselves if they ever meet another classmate who acts like a "Big Beetle Bully."

    • Grade 2:
      "Conquering Bullies" The Second grade guidance lessons this year will center around jungle animals. Each animal has some type of bullying behavior. Loud Mouth Lion likes to gossip and spread rumors. Hurtful Hyena excludes others from a group. This is often not seen as a bullying type of behavior but can be very hurtful. Walloping Warthog uses physical bullying and threats. Erupting Elephant's way is to use verbal bullying and give put-downs. Harrassing Hippo is a name caller. Refusing Rhino refuses to admit he does anything wrong and will often blame others.

      Each lesson features a story about that animal, an activity that the students can do, and a discussion on how to handle each type of behavior.

    • Grade 3:
      "Conquering Bullies 2"

      The second grade and third grade lessons use the same curriculum. The third graders build on the knowledge that they learned last year. More jungle animals are introduced... in fact there are 12 jungle animals who have some sort of bullying behavior, either physical, verbal or exclusion from a group. Third graders do more activities and dig deeper into strategies of what to do if they are ever bullied. Role play, songs, and activities make each lesoon fun!

      The following is a list of all the jungle animals and what each animal does.
      1. Loud Mouth Lion- Gossiping
      2. Hurtful Hyena- Excluding from a group
      3. Walloping Warthog- Physical Bullying and Threats
      4. Zany Zebra- Denying doing the wrong thing
      5. Erupting Elephant- Putting others down
      6. Gloating Giraffe- Being Snooty
      7. Manacing Monkey- Ganging up on someone
      8. Harassing Hippo- Name Calling
      9. Refusing Rhino- Denying or Lying about one's actions
      10. Snappy Snake- Whining and Complaining
      11. Croaking Crocodile- Yelling
      12. Tyrannical Tiger- Bossing
    • Grade 4:
      "Don't Laugh At Me" The guidance curriculum that will be used in Grade 4 this year is from the "Don't Laugh At Me" program. A song and video will be discussed and each month lessons will center around how we treat one another. The lessons deal with empathy skills and bully prevention skills. These skills are necessary for life development in our ever-changing world. They also reinforce our school's character themes- Making the "WEISER" choice!"

  • General Info:

    About Heather Kreider

    Hello and welcome to my website!

    My name is Heather Kreider and I love being a school counselor. I started my educational career in elementary teaching. I have taught grades one, two, and three. I also was the instructional support teacher for East Elementary and the guidance counselor for our middle school. Currently this is my sixth year as the East Elementary School Counselor.

    I am married to my husband, Jim, and we have a daughter, Sarah, who is experiencing her freshman year at Elizabethtown College. Lily, our golden retriever, completes our family.

    My favorite summertime activity is relaxing at the beach. I am a Longaberger basket collector, and when I'm not teaching I love spending time with my family!

    Feel free to contact me anytime.

  • Morning Announcements
    Every Monday and Friday mornings school wide announcements are made at 9:20. Each message begins with a greeting and the pledge is said together. Each announcement ends with a one to two minute message from the "Project Wisdom" program. These messages deal with words of wisdom to ponder and think about. Each thought provoking message ends with the following statement " Make it a good day... or not. The choice is yours... make the "Weiser" choice!"

  • Testing Information:
    School-Wide Testing

    During December students in grade two will be given the Otis Lennon Ability Measure and the Stanford Achievement Test. From these assessments ability levels and achievement levels will be derived. Parent print-outs will be provided in early Spring. Please help your child by making sure he/she gets enough sleep and has a good breakfast each morning. If you have any questions or concerns please do not hestitate to contact me. PSSAs- The State testing window for PSSAs for our elementary school are: Reading and Math for Grades 3 & 4- March 17-28, 2014 Science for Grade 4- April 28- May 2, 2014 More information will follow. 4-Sights in the areas of reading and math will be administered 4 times throughout the school year in grades 3 and 4. These tests give us results that provide progress monitoring as well as serve as a "practice" for the PSSAs.