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The mission of the practical arts curriculum is to provide ALL students with 21st century learning skills with a focus on hands-on, minds-on learning through a S.T.E.M. related curriculum. Instruction will engage students in practical, real world experiences while focusing on ethical behavior, positive communication, collaboration, problem solving, digital citizenship, and use of cutting edge technology.

The vision of the practical arts curriculum is to ensure students will leave the practical arts as productive, responsible, contributing members of an ever-changing society. With practical, real world skills, our students will be prepared for a lifetime of continuous learning and professional success.


Mrs. Lynne Angstadt

Mrs. Angstadt earned a Bachelor of Science from The Pennsylvania State University in Accounting and a Masters in Business Administration from St. Joseph's University. She started her professional career as a corporate accountant and became an instructor at Conrad Weiser High School in 2006, later earning her Masters of Education from Wilkes University.

Mrs. Angstadt teaches accounting courses including Accounting 2 which is a dual enrollment course through the Reading Area Community College. She enjoys bringing her personal experiences to her lessons. Mrs. Angstadt is also the Career Internship Coordinator directing students to positions within the community where they learn hands-on from professionals in their career field.


Mr. Michael Noss

Mr. Noss has a dual Bachelor of Science degree in Management and Marketing from Indiana University of Pennsylvania. He continued his education at IUP, and received a Master of Education in Business Education and Workforce Development. He is the advisor for Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA). Mr. Noss teaches: Microsoft Office Applications 1 &2, Personal Finance and Entrepreneurship, and Introduction to Marketing. He has been teaching at Conrad Weiser since 2010.


Mrs. Lorraine Porter

Mrs. Porter earned her Bachelor of Science in Family and Consumer Science from Immaculata University in 2012. In 2017 she earned her Master of Education in Urban Education from Alvernia University. She has Pennsylvania teaching certifications in both Family and Consumer Science and Business and divides her teaching time between both curriculums. Mrs. Porter teaches Culinary Science I, Principles of Business, Microsoft Office Applications I and Accounting I. Mrs. Porter started her career at Conrad Weiser in 1999 and began teaching in 2013.


Course Offerings

Course Offerings

The Business Department offers a wide range of elective courses to expose students to various topics. Courses are designed to enhance student knowledge of the business topics covered in the course, as well as develop skills that create more well-rounded students and citizens.

For more detailed information about graduation requirements and course offerings, view the High School Program of Studies.

Elective Courses

6090 Principles of Business – 9 and 10 - 1.00 Credit

Do you like money; do you like to spend money? But how do you get money and where does it come from? The answer is BUSINESS. The Principles of Business curriculum is designed to give students a strong foundation of knowledge about business. This fun and exciting course incorporates many activities, projects and the use of multi-media to teach students the structure of businesses, an overview of business careers, and a working knowledge of business terminology. The course explores many facets of business such as ownership, management, production, marketing, human resources, computers, economics, ethics and social responsibility. Students are also afforded an opportunity to job shadow in a work environment of interest to them. Take this course and you will be able to understand the fascinating world of business.

6095 Personal Finance and Entrepreneurship – 11 and 12 - 1.00 credit

Are you interested in starting your own business someday? In the Entrepreneurship portion of this course you will learn advanced business information and skills as well as how to start a business, market products and services, manage employees and find/acquire financial support critical for entrepreneurship. You will complete an industry analysis and explore challenges of competition. As an entrepreneur you will choose a business you want to start and learn to complete a business plan necessary for obtaining a loan. The Personal Money Management portion of this course is designed to teach students about banking services, financial aid for college, car ownership and loans, insurances, use and abuse of credit, renting and buying and personal money management skills. This course is a must for students that plan on having money of their own someday and want to know how to get the most out of what they have.

6100 Microsoft Office Applications I - 9 through 12 - 1.00 Credit

Proper keyboard techniques and the “Touch-Keying” method will be taught and reinforced throughout this course. Mastery of the keyboard along with improvement in Words per Minute is the goal. In addition, this course covers the fundamentals of the Microsoft Office Suite, including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Students will learn how to manage all written communication, to use formulas and functions to build worksheets to complete calculations, and to create professional multimedia presentations which include graphics and tables.

6110 Microsoft Office Applications II - 10 through 12 - 1.00 Credit

(Prerequisite-Microsoft Office Applications I)

The focus of this course is the mastery of Microsoft Office Suite, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, and Outlook. Students will learn advanced concepts in word processing, spreadsheet development, creating presentations, and database management. A variety of real world activities will keep students engaged. Keyboarding technique and improvement of accuracy and words per minute will also be emphasized.

6111 Accounting I - 10 through 12 - 1.00 Credit

Are you interested in owning your own business? Are you looking forward to a career in business? Or do you just want to learn practical skills for your own personal use? This first-year accounting course is intended for students who have a variety of career objectives. It is designed to give the student a thorough background of basic accounting concepts. Real-world, simulated financial records for a small business are maintained and manual and computerized accounting methods are utilized. Accounting Principles will qualify as the fourth math credit required for graduation.

6121 Accounting II (weighted 1.2) - 11 and 12 - 1.00 Credit

(Prerequisite - Accounting I)

This advanced accounting course is designed to enhance the student’s knowledge of basic accounting concepts. The accounting procedures presented will serve as a background for studying business courses in college. Computers will be utilized to complete automated, real-world accounting simulations for a corporation.

6123 Accounting III – Independent Study – (weighted 1.2) - 12 - 1.00 credit

(Prerequisite – Accounting II and teacher recommendation)

Accounting III is an independent study of advanced accounting concepts and procedures. This course is designed for students with an interest in pursuing a career in accounting. Students will be introduced to accounting topics which will be covered in college including financial analysis and reporting; cost accounting; and accounting for partnerships and not-for-profit organizations.

6130 Business Law - 11 and 12 - 1.00 Credit

A current and comprehensive understanding of law and legal proceedings is important to succeeding in college and after high school. This class studies a broad variety of concepts such as criminal and civil law, sales, contract law, ethics and law related careers. This information can be applied to many real life situations. Everyone buys or rents a house, enters into contracts, and loans money. Learn your rights and how to protect yourself against legal action. We will learn this information using a multitude of learning styles including several guest speakers, presentations, mock trials, video and hands on activities. In addition, the class will take a field trip to the Court House to observe real life proceedings.

6132 Introduction to Marketing – 10 through 12 - 1.00 credit

This is an introductory level course that will cover a broad variety of marketing concepts. Real world examples and case studies will be used in areas such as sports, entertainment, and retail, to apply the various topics that will be covered throughout the course. Creative thinking and the ability to think outside of the box to form solutions to real world marketing problems will be necessary. Course topics will include: Marketing Process, retail management, market research, consumer behavior, product creation and life cycle, virtual and online marketing, advertising and design. This course will be open to 10-12 grades, and successful completion of General Business I is recommended but not required.

6201 Career Internship – 12 – 1.00 or 2.00 credits per semester possible

Students will have the opportunity to experience an industry first-hand developing the skills needed to pursue a path toward the future. The hands-on experience is designed to help the student learn more about a field of interest as well as bolster a college or job application. Students interested in the program should apply in the counseling office and give the application to Mrs. Angstadt.

Career Internship Program


The Career Internship Program is a learning experience which brings
the school and community together. The goal of the program is to
provide seniors at Conrad Weiser High School an opportunity to learn
from professionals in our community. Students will participate in a
work place experience with a mentor in their desired future career field
while receiving course credit. Most positions are not paid, however in
some cases interns are paid for their experience.

Student Information

Internship Program Intern Handbook

Internship Sites Available

Mentor Information

Internship Program Mentor Handbook

Clearance Requirements

Contact: Mrs. Lynne Angstadt
Internship Program Coordinator

610-693-8599, ext. 6652