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Spelling Bee

Advisor: Ms. Jill Fidazzo:


CWMS runs an annual local Spelling Bee in accordance with the Scripps National Spelling Bee regulations to determine competitors for the annual Berks County Spelling Bee.


All CWMS students, grades 5-8, participate in a preliminary Spelling Bee.The top 25-35 students from that competition are invited to compete in the official building Spelling Bee.

Meeting Times:

The preliminary Spelling Bee is held in January to determine the top 25-35 candidates.Those candidates meet with the Spelling Bee Advisor (Ms. Fidazzo) to receive official rules, “Spell it!” study guides, Bee requirements, updates, etc.

The official CWMS Spelling Bee is held in February.This competition determines a winner and an alternate to represent CWMS at the Berks County Spelling Bee.

The annual Berks County Spelling Bee is held in March.

Latest News:

Check the Scripps National Spelling Bee website for updated news and information