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World Record Attempts

Final Result as of September 2018:

Conrad Weiser Middle school has been denied a world record due to mistakes on paper forms. We know, in our hearts, that we beat the existing World Record by nearly 100 participants, however, we will not be officially recognized for our accomplishment due to a paperwork error. We congratulate our students for their professionalism and character during the entire process. We again thank our sponsors who helped make our attempt possible. With the right motivation, we may attempt to break the record in the future.

Hopscotch Update:

Over 750 participants tested their skill and luck at hopscotch this past Wednesday in an attempt to break the Guinness World Record for most people playing hopscotch simultaneously. The previous record consisted of 650 individuals associated with a school district from the west coast. After hours of effort and input from many of the CWMS faculty and staff, all required forms of evidence were collected in our record-breaking attempt. In addition to videos and photographs, sign-in sheets, clicker counters and interviews led by Reading Eagle correspondent Matthew Nojiri are going to be submitted as proof of our successful attempt. The CWMS students, faculty and staff look forward to hearing from the official Guinness World Record headquarters sometime this summer to confirm our attempt and put Conrad Weiser Middle School in the books!

Good Afternoon,

Who's ready to break a Guinness World Record? You are all going to have the chance on Wednesday, June 6th! The CWMS students, faculty and staff are going to attempt to break the Guinness World Record for most people playing hopscotch simultaneously. The rain-date for this event will be Thursday, June 7th. Shown below are some of the details that you'll need to know to make this event a success:


* Record breakers: CWMS students, faculty and staff!

* Officials: Local church and Rotary club volunteers


* Have everyone play hopscotch simultaneously for a minimum of 15 minutes


- This will all happen between 8:30 - 10:30 Wednesday, June 6, 2018


* This event will take place within the bus depot between CWMS and CWHS

See the event here!


This event would not be possible without the effort of Mr. Dane Yuengel, 8th grade Social studies teacher at CWMS, and several sponsors:

Oriental Trading Company has donated twenty one dozen reinforced bean bags to use during the event:

Rotary Club of Conrad Weiser has donated labor in the form of two official counters to verify the number of participants in the activity:

Trinity Lutheran Church has donated labor in the form of twenty observers to verify everyone is fully participating throughout the entire fifteen minute activity: