Aevidum Club - A club devoted to organizing activities for students encouraging safe and healthy life and social choices.  Aevidum helps out at 5th Quarter. The club attends two conferences per year (SADD and Anti-Defamation League), arranges speakers for the student body and hosts safe recreational activities.  The club is supportive of and endorses Aevidum, an organization whose motto is: “We’ve got your back”.  Aevidum promotes understanding mental health differences, anti-bullying, tolerance and acceptance diversity.  If interested, contact Mrs. Boland, Mrs. Proietto, or Mrs. Ruoss.

Academic Computer Science League (ACSL) - please see Mr. Schweigert for more information.

Art Club - Plans not only to promote the art of Conrad Weiser High School students, but to branch out into the community as well as to help get student art into galleries to receive recognition.  If interested, contact Mrs. Alexander.

Berks Academic Challenge – Similar to a game show where students answer trivia questions and race to find answers. BAC also attends competitions. If interested in joining, contact Mrs. Osman.

Berks Academic Challenge


Chess Club

Chess Club

Chess Club - The Conrad Weiser Chess Club is open to all students with an interest in playing better chess--competitively or recreationally—and regardless of skill level.  If you can’t yet play, we will teach you!  We host regular club tournaments for both novice and advanced players and provide everything needed for play.  See Mr. Heffner, if interested.

Choraleers - Choraleers is the chamber choir of CWHS. They perform for a variety of community organizations (Rotary, Lions, etc.) as well as an annual tour that takes them to East and West Elementary and Phoebe Berks Home. Interested students should contact Mrs. McGrory.

Choraleers at Rotary

Choraleers at Rotary

Choraleers performing at a Rotary meeting

CW Travel Club – Conrad Weiser High School has a rich history with travel and intercultural experiences.  Conrad Weiser, the man, travelled through the Mid-Atlantic region and learned about Indigenous and French culture.  As a club we also understand the importance of travel and learning about different cultures.  CW Travel Club organizes trips so that students can experience other countries, the art of travel and an opportunity to see the places we are learning about in the classroom(s).  Students choose a destination that is of interest.  We contract with a tour company called CHA ( and enroll in an itinerary.  The advisor travels with the students and helps to organize the trip.  We learn about the places we are going to visit before departure.  This is a wonderful opportunity to travel and see other parts of the world.  CW Travel Club students have visited Australia, China, Europe and Costa Rica.  We do help to organize fundraising for students but trip planning is a major part of the CW Travel process.  See Mr. Bright with any questions you may have or if interested in joining.

CWTV - CWTV is open to TV students who want an extended video production experience. CWTV films extracurricular activities for numerous school and community organizations in addition to sponsoring the annual CW Idol competition. See Mr. Aaron Price, if interested.

Dance Team – Dance Team is a club for all students who love to move. Focusing on rhythm and style, we learn a variety of dances, focusing on hip hop while allowing students venture into new or other avenues of dance. Our team performs at home basketball games, pep rallies, and other school events. The team also puts together an annual dance showcase at the end of the year, which helps to raise money for a specific cause. The team does require fundraising, as a certain attire must be worn for performances. This club opens up different opportunities for dancers interested in furthering their skill development. See Mrs. Proietto for more information.

Drama Club – Can audition for annual play in the fall. If interested, contact Mr. Landon Heimbach.

Dance Team

Dance Team

Dungeons and Dragons - The purpose of this club is to foster students’ interest in tabletop RPGs.  I have been acting as a game leader, presenting the story to the students, who are learning the game mechanics.  The goal is to present the game in such a way that students are able to learn the basics and eventually create a group of their own outside of school.  Tabletop RPGs promote socialization (and they were even played digitally during Covid!), problem solving, teamwork, mathematics skills (there are a lot of statistics to consider during play) and imaginative storytelling. See Mrs. Osman for more information.

Esports Club – The Esports club at Conrad Weiser is a club for competitive video gamers. The club forms a community of players to discuss, play, and compete in the games they love. The Esports Club offers school sanctioned competitive teams that compete in the High School Esports League. See Mr. Rothenberger, Mr. Zeitzer, or Mr. Duong if interested.

Fantasy Genre Club Club -The Fantasy Genre Club is a Book Club for students which focuses on the Fantasy Genre. We discuss book series, recommend books for people based on their likes. Series such as Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Percy Jackson and other multi-book series or single books are discussed. Occasionally we will host a movie night based on one of the books discussed. This club has participated in Homecoming, and the homecoming Festival as well as raising funds for charity. Mr. Clauss is the advisor.

FBLA – Future Business Leaders of America is for students interested in future career in business. If interested, contact: Mr. Noss.

Fellowship of Christian Students – is a student-led, Christian organization focused on uniting God’s youth in Conrad Weiser High School. See Mrs. McGrory if interested.



FFA – National FFA Organization, for any student taking an agricultural science class. For information, contact Mr. Serfass or Mr. Siefert.

German Club - Open to all high school students, the German Club celebrates the culture of German speaking countries and local German/Pennsylvania German heritage. Members have the opportunity to participate in several events throughout the year, like trips to the Reading Liederkranz and to local Pennsylvania German gatherings. The German Club also participates in school based events, such as the Homecoming parade and the Homecoming carnival. For more information, please contact Ms. Snyder at

JCL - Junior Classical League (JCL) is a club for Latin and Classical Mythology students. The culminating activity of the year is the PAJCL State Convention held at Penn State University in State College, PA. See Ms. Rurode or Mr. Zeitzer.

Key Club – Student run club that participates in the many community service activities like an autism walk and convention.  If interested, contact Mrs. Bence or Mrs. Osman.

Key Club

Key Club

Key Club at the state conference

Mini-Thon Club—Conrad Weiser Mini-THON® is part of a statewide organization which supports Four Diamonds in its efforts to raise funds directed toward research to help defeat childhood cancer while supporting families currently engaged in struggles with childhood cancer.  CW’s fund raising efforts vary from Miracles in a Minute at football and basketball games to participation in the Jack Frost Parade to hosting events at both elementary schools and the Middle School to our annual Seniors versus Faculty Basketball Challenge.  The effort is capped by our actual Mini-THON® held overnight in the early spring at which we reveal our fund-raising total. See Mr. Clauss or Mr. Palm, if interested.

Multicultural Awareness Club - The purpose of the CWHS Multicultural Awareness Club (MAC) is to offer a safe place for students and educators to share facts about their cultures, learn about other cultures, and participate in multicultural activities and events. If interested, please contact Ms. Floyd.

National Honor Society – NHS at Conrad Weiser recognizes outstanding juniors and seniors with a GPA of 3.75 or better who meet certain standards in character, leadership, and service and are endorsed by a teacher.  If interested, contact Mrs. Bence, if interested.

Operation Smile Club – Operation smile is a club that is raising money to pay for children’s cleft lip/palate surgery all over the world each surgery costs $240.  Our goal annually is to raise enough money to pay for 10 surgeries. See Mrs. Garcia, if interested.

Outdoor Club – Outdoor club is designed to encourage students to spend more time outside. Members will have the opportunity to participate in a variety of outings intended to promote a lifelong appreciation of activities in nature. See Mr. Zdancewic, if interested.

PA Math League—PAML competitions promote enjoyment and study of mathematics and help to enrich our mathematics program. Each contest covers topics appropriate for high school level students through six well-written questions that cover a variety of difficulty ranges. The questions combine mathematics skills with logic and problem solving. Competitions are held six times each year during PLT. See Mr. Natale, if interested.

Reading Olympics – is a county-wide reading event that encourages students to increase the quality and quantity of books they read for enjoyment. The Reading Olympics Program is based upon the belief that good reading habits form the foundation for a productive and successful life; contact Mr. Rothenberger.

SaGA – Gay/Straight Alliance works to have understanding and acceptance at Conrad Weiser.  If interested in joining, contact Ms. Simons, Mrs. Luckenbill, or Mr. Palm.

Science Research Club – The Science Research Club (SRI), was founded with the specific objective of enhancing the knowledge and experience of students in research science. See Mr. Siefert, if interested in joining.

Ski Club – The Conrad Weiser Ski Club offers students the opportunity to learn to ski, snowboard and participate in various outdoor activities.   Ski Club offers discounted lift tickets, weekly trips to local ski resorts, a 4 day ski trip to a large resort, and other outdoor trips.  Ski club has visited Bear Creek, Sugarbush, Stratton, Smuggler’s Notch, and Whiteface in the past.  If you are interested in finding out more information or joining the club please contact Mr. Rohm, Mr. Musser, or Mr. Bright

Social Studies Club

Social Studies Club

Social Studies Club – Social Studies Club seeks to better student understanding of everything social studies-related and develop better citizens in and around our community.  The club promotes a positive school environment and community as well as student activism in local, regional, national and world issues. Social Studies club provides a variety of opportunities for students to get involved in their communities and beyond; including but not limited to: local and regional field trips, NHD, WorldQuest, Model United Nations, Senator for a Day, and CW Mock Trial.​ If interested, please see Mr. Bright, Ms. Campbell, Mr. Duong, or Mrs. Luckenbill.

Spanish Club - Spanish Club is open to students who are registered for levels II, III, IV or V in the current school year or those who have completed any of those levels in the past. The purpose of the club is to foster enthusiasm for Hispanic culture outside of the classroom. Members participate in Homecoming activities and contribute to the Day of the Dead exhibit in the LMC. Another favorite activity has been a night out at a Hispanic restaurant in the area. If interested, contact Mrs. Roldan.

Stage Crew – Does all the backstage work for the school plays/musicals including scenery, lights, and sound effect.  If interested, contact: Mr. Lutz or Mr. Rothenberger.

Student Council – Being a member allows your voice to be heard throughout the school board and provides dances and other activities to the school. If interested, contact Mrs. Prohaska.

Weiser Abilities -  This club is designed help provide the Life-Skills Students with additional opportunities to work on their soft skills, transition skills and functional skills, while also raising funds for the Life-Skills classroom.  The funds will be utilized to purchase items for the classroom that are needed to teach soft, transitional, and functional skills while providing additional opportunities for school/community based instruction.  Additionally, it will allow regular education students, who in have an interest in working with students with disabilities, the chance to work one on one in school and outside of school settings. See Mr. Woolf or Mr. Luckenbill, if interested.

Student Council

Student Council

Weiser Ambassadors - The Weiser Ambassadors is a club that helps new students adjust to life at Conrad Weiser. New students are paired with Ambassadors based on sharing the same lunch and/or activities. The Ambassadors assist the Counseling Office by taking new students on tours and answering any questions they may have. . If interested, contact: Mrs. Zickler.

Yearbook Club – Puts together the yearbook every year for distribution to the students. They work on it throughout the year every PLT in Mrs. Grajewski’s room in the Science wing. If interested, contact: Mr. Wert or Mrs. Grajewski.