Why Weiser...

Mission Statement

The mission of the Conrad Weiser Area School District is to provide an educational environment which enables all students to acquire the abilities to benefit from the past, to contribute to the present, and to excel in the future.

N.E.E.D Camp - 6th grade

Each spring since 1971, Conrad Weiser sixth graders have been attending a weeklong resident environmental education program called N.E.E.D. (National Environmental Education Development) Camp. Our School Board and Administration have approved and supported this program since its beginning as a week to develop and nurture environmental awareness. It has evolved into a mandatory part of our curriculum covering and fulfilling many of our Pennsylvania environment and ecology standard.

Conrad Weiser Middle School wins "Viewers Choice" award

Conrad Weiser Middle School won the "Viewers Choice" award with their "What's So Cool About Manufacturing?" video.

eSports winners!

Conrad Weiser High School students were winners at the Emerald Foundation eSports competition.


Employee Spotlight

Morgan Siefert

As a student at CW, I had a great education that was also really enjoyable. I love working here and I try to give these students the same great experience I had. It also helps when your teammates are wonderful and you can always laugh and have a great time with them!

- Morgan Siefert

Mike Davis

Living the dream. Conrad Weiser, like one big family and I feel the kids are all my kids.

- Mike Davis

Robert Gantz

I love working at CW West as I work with the best team. I always looked up to teachers/educators when I was struggling as a kid. I hope I can be that beacon of light for a student who is struggling any day of the week.

- Robert Gantz

Mary Hulina

I have the best job in the district! I get to work with the sweetest Kindergarteners every day and I get greeted with smiles and hugs every morning. I also work with an awesome group of teachers.

- Mary Hulina

Ang Wright

I love working at CW Decisions because every day presents a new opportunity to inspire and shape young minds in a supportive and caring environment. The vibrant energy and comradery of our team reaffirm my passion for education! #WeAreWeiser

- Angela Wright