To ensure your child's transportation for the first week of school, all requests for changes to your student's transportation schedule must be made by the close of business on July 31, 2024. Email Maggie Schearer, Transportation Coordinator, to make these changes at Please include the child's name, grade, school, address, and daycare provider information when applicable.

Requests for transportation changes will be given priority based on the order in which they are received. We require a minimum of 2 business days' notice to start new transportation.


Moving within the district:
You must notify your child's school with the appropriate information concerning your pending move. No changes to transportation can take place until proper verification of residency has been established. To prove residency we require one verification from each of the two groups shown below. These verifications must show the address at which the parent/guardian and child will reside on a continuous, permanent basis. All address changes require the residency verification form (Spanish). If the necessary documents are not provided your child will not be considered enrolled and may not be able to attend school until all forms are secured by the Conrad Weiser Area School District.

Group 1 (one from the group listed below)

Group 2 (one from the group listed below)

  • Rental Agreement (Current)- Copy of entire lease, including signatures

  • HUD Settlement Form/Closing Disclosure Form

  • Occupancy Permit- showing the ability to occupy a completed home

  • Deed- Copy of the whole deed

  • Notarized statement of residency from current landlord

  • Real Estate Tax Bill

  • Utility bills such as gas, electric, water, and sewer. The bill's due date must fall within 45 days of the student’s registration. Cell phone bills are not acceptable.

  • Current check stubs/statements from wages, public assistance, or Social Security showing residence property address

  • Voter Registration Card

In order to receive transportation to the new address, please email