National Honor Society

National Honor Society

2023 Induction Ceremony

Conrad Weiser Area High School

National Honor Society Selection Policy

Our selection policy, revised April 2020, is as follows:

1. Students in grades 11 and 12 are eligible for National Honor Society.

2. Candidates are initially eligible by meeting the academic requirement. Students must have attained a 3.75 cumulative average or better, beginning in 9th grade.

3. Students are required to complete the application form to assist the Faculty Council in judging their qualifications in the areas of leadership, service, and character.

4. Candidates must have acquired at least 8 points (1 point per year per activity) of co-curricular activities. Candidates must have a total of at least 25 leadership points (See #5). Candidates must have at least 4 service points. (These service activities need to take place outside of the school day.)

5. Leadership points are acquired from both student input and teacher recommendation. Teachers are asked to rate a student on the following scale based on leadership:

a. Highly Endorse: student is a leader, goes above and beyond

b. Endorse: Student excels and succeeds

c. Do not endorse: Student does not take initiative, does not complete tasks, etc…

Students receive points as follows: 2 points for each rating of “highly endorse”, 1 point for each rating of “endorse”, and -1 point for each rating of “do not endorse.” Students also gain points for any leadership activities listed on their application.

6. In order to meet the criteria of character, eligible candidates may not have had any disciplinary referrals in their high school career. They are also required to write an essay and attach it to their application.

7. The Faculty Council will meet to evaluate candidates based on the criteria listed above. Students who meet the criteria will be notified of their selection by our National Honor Society Chapter.

8. After their induction, candidates must maintain at least a 3.5 cumulative GPA and continue to meet the criteria of leadership, service, and character. Students must also participate in at least two NHS sponsored activities each year in which they are a member of our chapter.

9. Successful completion of these criteria will be reviewed each semester. Students liable for dismissal due to academics will be given a written warning and allowed one semester to raise their level of achievement. If a student commits a flagrant violation of the school disciplinary policy, he/she will be subject to discipline and/or dismissal per the procedures in the National Honor Society Handbook.