The Reading Musical Foundation recently held annual scholarship auditions and listed below are the deserving Conrad Weiser students. These awards are based on merit and are the result of students dedicating an enormous amount of time and dedication to their instruments, as well as a reflection of CW's incredible team of music educators.

Hannah Gelsinger, Flute & Piccolo

Grade 12

Atonement Bach Scholarship,Woodwind Recipient

David Bilger Woodwind Scholarship, First Place

Samuel L. Correnti Scholarship, Second Place

Work Family Woodwind Fund (Grades 10-12), Second Place

Aislin Given, Voice

Grade 10

Isabel W. Sondheim Vocal Scholarship (Grades 10-11), Second Place

Lauren Grabosky, Violin

Grade 9

Katherine N. Quartner - Rita Quartner Herman String Scholarship (Grades 7-9), Third Place

Lydia Drake, Oboe

Grade 8

Ann Cusano - Kim Webster Double Reed Fund (Grades 7-9), First Place

Lyla Robison, Flute

Grade 6

Thomas W. & Edna Garrett Balkcom Woodwind Fund, First Place

Elizabeth Steffy, Flute

Grade 7

Work Family Woodwind Fund (Grades 7-9), Honorable Mention

Benicio Marquez, Piano

CW West, Grade 2

Thomas W. & Marion Christman Balkcom Piano Scholarship (Grades 1-3), Honorable Mention